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Pan American Airways founder and wife leave legacy that aids South Eleuthera long after their death


ELEUTHERA, Bahamas — A legacy started by the late founders of Pan American World Airways Juan & Betty Trippe has jump-started a movement in South Eleuthera that is giving back in a way the two never imagined – with their grandson stepping in to pick up the charitable mantle left behind after their passing.

William “Doug” Douglass didn’t realize that a seemingly small project he undertook would have residents of the South Eleuthera community of Wemyss Bight reminiscing of a time when his grandparents made it their personal mission to make South Eleuthera the next best destination for the world.

After noting that the children at the Wemyss Bight Primary School had no real playground, Douglass’ made a decision to gift a near $200,000 state-of-the-art recreational court with a basketball/volleyball court and 9-feet high rock climbing facility.

“Even though I have homes all over the world, the one in Wemyss Bight means the most to me. My grandparents loved it here and this is where I am the most, so giving back to this community is my most sincere pleasure,” said Douglass. “It comes without thought.”

However, this legacy of giving is one that has family friend Nola Brown – mother of Bahamian Olympian Chris Brown – remembering a time when other members of the Trippe lineage came into town and touched the lives of many Bahamians.

“The Trippes hired me at the age of 15-years-old,” said the 64-year-old Brown. “I looked after Doug since he was a baby and anybody who is 30 years old and older would know what this family has done for the community.

“I don’t mean just now with the things you see going on, but in the past. They were stalwarts of the community who employed many Eleutherans and I am glad to see that “Doug” is doing the same.”



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