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Lenny Kravitz gives the gift of healthy smiles to Eleutherans

Hundreds of Eleuthera residents are flashing bright healthy smiles thanks to world famous singer, songwriter Lenny Kravitz and the GLO Good Foundation who partnered once again to put on a free dental clinic in Gregory Town, Eleuthera.

The initiative is now in its second year and aims to give residents who do not normally receive dental care world-class services free of charge. Patients also received free health screenings and medical advice.

“We’re here to serve the people,” Kravitz said at the site of the clinic in Gregory Town. “This is where I live. This is my home. It’s a privilege to be able to bring things to the people that are needed.”

“You might ask why start with dental but it’s something that I saw was extremely needed. There are so many people walking around with infections, with teeth that needed to be extracted, with no teeth. It’s beautiful to see this getting done, people walking out smiling, having teeth when they didn’t have teeth.”

Scores of residents flocked to Gregory Town on Saturday morning. The clinic started on Thursday, October 20 and ended Sunday, October 23.


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