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Saturday, September 10th, 2016


Sweeting’s Pond

This is a landlocked, saltwater pond, not a beach, but it is an interesting place to visit. Local legend has it that a giant octopus inhabits this Sweeting’s Pond. Others believe it may be a large moray eel. Nonetheless, it is a very unusual area with tulip shells, brittle stars and the occasional small octopus. Jacques Cousteau was interested in this pond and made a few dives here many years ago. You can also Google Sweeting’s Pond for some interesting scientific studies and reports on the creatures that inhabit theRead More

Boiling Hole

The Boiling Hole is a bowl cut into the cliff, topped by an impressive natural rock bridge formation. During the changes in tides, this hole does indeed, appear to boil.  Located between the Glass Window Bridge and the road to Whale Point it is not hard to find – if you know where to look. It’s about 160 ft. in from the highway across smoothed over rock, with little vegetation. You can get down into part of the bowl, but be very, very careful. A rogue wave would be allRead More

Ocean Hole

The Ocean Hole is exactly that – an inland hole that is filled with ocean. There is obviously some subterranean connection to the sea that allows ocean fish to come and go. It is a popular attraction and you shouldn’t miss it. You really can see many ocean fish – some quite large – and some very tame – right at the edge of the hole. Take a few slices of bread to feed them and they’ll be your friends forever, or at least until the bread runs out. Don’tRead More

The Cliffs

An impressive place to view the Atlantic Ocean, the Cliffs rise dramatically from the sea. A wide path has been cut through the limestone here, making it easy to get to the ocean. If you plan to climb to the top of the Cliffs, be sure to have sturdy shoes. Some of the coral rocks are very sharp and there are lots of holes where you could easily twist your ankle.

Queen’s Baths

These round depressions are a natural formation that allow the ocean waves to enter, swirl around and exit the “baths.” You’ll need a good pair of shoes and a little determination to get down to them, but with care you’ll make it alright. Caution: check the tides before you go. The baths can fill up rapidly and forcefully at high tide particularly if you see any white caps on the ocean. It would only take one strong wave to wash you out to sea, so be careful, we hate losingRead More