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Sunday, September 4th, 2016


Powell Point Beach

Description Coming Soon

Deep Creek

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Winding Bay Beach

The beach at Winding Bay is long and curving and well protected from the Atlantic waves. The sand has a decidedly pink tinge to it. It’s a lovely wide beach, but the sand can be a bit gravelly just as you enter the water. Other than that, well, it’s just perfect. We have revised this listing because we discovered a better, more appealing access to this beach, which is also away from the homes that grace the opposite side of this bay. You can also continue on the access roadRead More

Whiteland Beach

It seems that the more difficult a beach is to find, the more spectacular it is – and Whiteland Beach is no exception. The shore is lined with palm trees. The sand is white and powdery soft. The water is turquoise, warm and welcoming. At the end of the access road you come upon a tiny cove and the rest of the beach stretches out on either side of this cove. Be sure to bring your camera with you to this beach. It is truly like something out of aRead More

White Road Beach

This is another reef protected beach that is certainly worth stopping at for at least a look, if not a swim. The beach extends farther to the north than you can see from the access point. White Road Beach is a perfect spot for a long stroll on the beach, the sand is very firm near the shoreline making for easy walking. This is a beautiful, long, sandy beach much like Lighthouse beach (our personal favorite). With the easy access to this beach you have no excuse for not visitingRead More